Museum "Modern Art Centre"

The museum was opened for visitors in 2004, after acquiring the exhibition hall of the Belarusian Artists' Union where the museum presents exhibitions. The mission of the center is to study, to support and to promote the creative works of contemporary artists, to develop the traditions of the Vitebsk Peoples Art School. Every three weeks in the exhibition halls of the museum there are new exhibitions of the works of contemporary artists from Vitebsk and other cities of Belarus and foreign countries. The center is founding the Vitebsk People's Art School History Museum. The exposition contains 27 stands with the main themes: the stages of the history of the Art School and the Vitebsk life of M. Dobuzhinsky, M. Chagall, K. Malevich, L. Lisitsky, V. Ermolaeva, N. Kogan, D. Jakerson, etc. The number of items (01.01.2012) is 2,237. The most distinctive is a collection of creative works of artists from the open-air "Malevich. UNOVIS. Modernity". In the exhibition hall of the museum, there is an art studio for children, called "Pure Colour". The museum personnel regularly organize guided tours, museum and educational classes, lectures, and participate in research conferences and international projects.
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